General Secretary

The Association
  • To run the day-to-day of the Business Association of São Tomé and Príncipe (“AESTP”) a promising young woman born in São Tomé, Ms. Osana Leal, was chosen. Aged 24, with a degree in Tourism and Development and a master in Public Policies and Projects, both by the University of Évora, Osana was unanimously admitted by the AESTP’s Direction, representing a strong belief in the national talent who wish to return to the country.

    Faced with the challenge and an ambitious business plan for the current year, Osana said that “the opportunity of returning to my country and contribute to its economic development by intervening with the business community, foreign investors and the authorities is an exciting challenge, to which I’ll respond to, looking forward to demonstrate the quality, competence and determination of the people of São Tomé, and thanking from the outset, the trust placed in me for this purpose.”

    Working in the country since March, our General Secretary has been the face of professionalism and courtesy amongst the business and political community in the country, representing a key element in the organization of the activities developed in the capital, as well as prospecting and soliciting new members for this project.

    Determined, competent and highly motivated, Osana stands as a the representation of a new generation from São Tomé and Príncipe who is looking for better days for its country, surely being an example of tenacity and resilience for our national dynamic youth.

    Osana Leal

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